Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ever heard of advance notice?

I'm steaming right now! I absolutely hate having things thrown at me at the last minute and lately it seems like that is all anybody knows how to do.

Prime example...Kindergarten graduation pictures. Yes, I knew they were going to be made. They gave us about a month and a half notice as to the date and the fact that little girls needed to have their hair down. What they neglected to tell anyone, is that these were not the snapshot pictures that one would imagine in a small town, small school, kindergarten graduation. Two days prior to the date of the pictures and over two thirds into the month and therefore with a money balance of Zero!, they see fit to send home order forms from a professional photographer! And to make matters worse, they are prepaid photographs.

I don't know if there is anyone else out there whose money is either very tight or non existent at this time of the month, but if it is then you know how I am feeling right now. I will be speaking with someone from the school...not too sure if it will be the principal, the office staff or the Kindergarten teachers themselves, but I will make sure they know this is unfair.

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