Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just cuttin' up...

My baby got her hair cut today!

Yes, she's had her bangs trimmed before and even had the ends evened up, but today she got her hair CUT! We went into the shop with hair down almost to her behind and left with it just below her shoulders. What a day!

My oldest called on Sunday when she got phone privileges. LOL, she actually called me twice. The big news was that she was going to actually be starting the training portion of Basic Training. Up to now she's been processing in and getting her shots and uniforms. As of Tuesday though, she's in the major leagues. Go honey, go!!

Nothing much left to update about.....Wait! LOL, yeah there is. We have a new puppy. An absolutely beautiful 3 month old black and tan Manchester Chihuahua. We are calling her Emma. Someone tell me where my brain was when I thought I could handle potty training a new pup.....

More later....Have a good weekend!


daisyaday said...

Wow. Is that a little nervewracking to have your baby in Basic Training? I think I'd be nervous, but wow! Thank her for me. That's a huge job.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I'm going to have great fun going back and returning the favor to the ones who came to my side of the fence.

Melinda said...

Hey... I just wanted you to know about the blog that has helped me with my pictures the most. It's -- Stephanie has been wonderful and answers any questions I have, and her lessons are so practical and easy to understand.


P.S. My DH was in the Army for 5 years, if you ever need to talk.