Friday, December 28, 2007

Yet another month

has gone by without a post from me. So much has gone on in that month too!

Thanksgiving and Christmas have both come and gone and New Years is rounding the corner. As quickly as the holidays slid by so too has my life in this town. I will be leaving here on New Years Day to begin my life in another Texas town. I will be at minimum 200 miles away from any family and will only know one other family in that town other than my own. Talk about a leap of faith!

I'm am currently on winter break from school but will start up again on January 7th. I'm sure that January will be a busy month for me also so I will warn you now not to expect a post from me then. It's not likely too many people read my blog anyway, but on the off chance that there is more than the one person I know of, warning is hereby given.

I hope that the New Year treats all of us with kindness. Happy early New Years!

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~~amanda said...

Warning duly noted. ;) See you in two days. :D