Monday, July 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday, July 28 – August 3

I missed posting last week and I can sure tell it in that we ate whatever we could find. Not a good thing.

My newest "battle" in the menu planning quest is that I've been told that I need to put my youngest child on a high calorie diet due to her issues with below normal weight. In addition to a high calorie diet I've been instructed to purchase PediaSure and give her at minimum one can a day. The weight battle has been something we've been dealing with since her birth 7 years ago. Due to her being born 9 weeks early she has always been below average but she lost 3 pounds in the last 3 months. Not a good thing.

Since I already have this weeks menu planned and since I won't be able to get the PediaSure until the weekend, I'm going to be needing input from readers with ideas for what to feed a 7 year old that is high calorie but not just totally empty calorie foods. If you have any suggestions please, please, please leave me a comment.

I'll be linking up some of the recipes soon. For more menu ideas go see Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Creamy chicken spaghetti served with garlic bread and salad


Chili dogs/Hot dogs served with macaroni and cheese


Hamburger stroganoff served with salad and bread


Roast Chicken served with peas and mashed potatoes with gravy


Tuna patties/Fish sticks served with french fries if I get to run by the store
before dinner, if not then I'll do macaroni and cheese (Anyone got any
suggestions for a veggie besides taters?)


Yo Yo night
The daddy man is supposed to be here to spend time with DD. If so then I'll munch on leftovers if they go somewhere and if not then I'll use the leftover from Thursday's chicken to make a casserole or something.


Smoked sausage and weiners on the grill served on buns with either baked potatoes or the infamous macaroni and cheese again, LOL


Natasha said...

Hey, thanks for stopping my and checking out my menu...about the hamburger helper singles - they aren't 100% like the "real thing". the meat (whether it be beef or chicken) is dried to give it a shelf life obviously, and it doesn't come out as juicy as having the meet in the fridge. But my son loves it and I eat it when I'm pressed for time, it's really not bad. Definitely worth the money if you like quick fix lunches like I do. =)

Beck said...

Your daughter and mine - my oldest kid is practically SEE THROUGH!
That's a tasty sounding week. Yum.
Thanks for entering my Kitchen Party giveaway!