Monday, August 4, 2008

Menu Plan August 4-10, 2008

I'm back again with my menu plan. "Plan" is the key word in that sentence. So far I've been unable to follow my menu plan through the whole week. So if you've been here before that's why you'll see some of the same things on this week's plan again. They are meals that should have been but weren't.

I hope to be able to become consistent about following at least the planned main dish each day of the week. Once I've got that mastered I'll start working on planning sides etc. As always, things are subject to rearrangement or cancellation regarding this week's menu.

I've seen variations of the Creamy Chicken Spaghetti floating around the internet but the original version of the one I will fix comes from the 30 Day Gourmet site. I will be modifying it by adding a can of RoTel.

Monday - Creamy Chicken Spaghetti
Tuesday - Chili dogs/Hot dogs w/mac & cheese
Wednesday - Kittencal's Garlic Fried Chicken Breast
Thursday - Beefaroni
Friday - C.O.R.N. (leftovers)
Saturday - Tacos
Sunday - Mom's Chicken (modified to suit ingredients on hand)

We are working on a very tight budget this week and probably the rest of the month so things are going to have to be cheap, easy and cool due to the 105+ degree days we are having.

For more menu ideas you definitely will want to visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie


Kate said...

The benefit of a plan is that is not set in stone! I rarely get through a whole week exactly as planned.

Your dinners sound great!

Welcome to My Loft! said...

Remember that as long as we have a plan there is a chance of follow through. You know what options you have available and that is a bit less thinking to do when dinner time comes around.

BTW, dinners have a nice variety and that is always a plus in my book. LOL!