Thursday, August 27, 2009

Progress, however slow

Just a small update today to let everyone know that Rebecca's surgery will be done on September 8, 2009. I'm still waiting on one of the doctors to call me back to answer some questions I have but it looks like we'll be traveling on Labor Day.

On another note, school started Monday and so far we've had 4 fantastic mornings as far as getting dressed to go to school is concerned. Last year every morning was a battle due to issues regarding sensitivity to the clothing she wore. This year so far we've had no battles and hopefully things will continue in this wonderful way. We also, just this morning, started putting her on the bus instead of me having to drive her to school each day. She really enjoys riding the bus so this is a blessing for both of us.

Hopefully I'll have more information regarding the surgery and aftermath of the surgery soon. Thanks for all the good thoughts!

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