Sunday, August 2, 2009

Those Dreaded Days of Summer

All summer I've looked forward to the beginning of the school year. I've enjoyed the mornings I was able to sleep late and I've enjoyed the nice easy flow of the summer days we've had so far. But now, for me anyways, the most dreaded days of summer are here. Tomorrow we begin our yearly "return to school" routine.

Each year I promise myself that I'm not going to go through the torture again. I promise myself that the Bee will maintain her normal school routine even through the summer. And each year, I fail to keep my promise. There's just something about the peace and quiet that exists when the Bee gets to sleep in late. Call it self preservation, call it procrastination, call it whatever you will. I enjoy letting the Bee sleep in because it allows me to have a bit of time totally uninterrupted by calls of "Momma, help me please." or "Look at this Mommy". It's nice being able to hear silence for that short period of time before she wakes up. I soak it up like a sponge because I know that the second she wakes up there will be no silence again until after she goes to sleep that night.

So yes, we are there again....those dreaded days. The days when I have to resume enforcing a bedtime that has fallen by the wayside. The days when I have to insist on her actually getting up and getting dressed first thing of a morning. The days when I have to say, "No, we can't be out until midnight because you have to get up in the morning." I dread these days of summer...I really do.

But in the same moment that I am dreading these days, I also anticipate them with glee. Knowing that there are only 3 weeks left until she goes to school and has more structure in her day. More interaction between herself and her peers. More lengthy periods of silence to be enjoyed by me.

Ahhh, those dreaded days of summer....

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