Monday, September 7, 2009

Tripping with a meal plan

Well today I am busy getting things packed up for our trip to FW. We finally got our appointment time for the Bee's surgery. Tomorrow morning we'll have to be at the hospital at 6:30am! That's going to be a killer for me because I've been having trouble getting us up by 7am to get ready for school. All I can say is thank goodness for wake up calls!

We'll leave today to head towards FW, spend the night in a motel close to the hospital and then go to the hospital to check in tomorrow morning. It's estimated that the surgery, a gastrostomy and button placement, will take approximately an hour. Such a short time for such a life changing event. I'm still not totally at peace with what we are doing but I'm leaving it in His hands. I know that the Bee needs the nutrients that the extra feedings will allow but I'm having a hard time overcoming my fears of "messing with a good thing". I am also quite panicked about how this is going to affect our already "unscheduled" life. Somehow I will have to get us on a schedule and stick to it in order for this to work.

I can't give specifics about what will take place after the gastrostomy button is placed regarding feedings and care and life changes because I don't have any information yet. I get the feeling that the hospital feels it is to be given on a "need to know" basis and evidently I don't need to know yet. :)

Barring any complications, we should be on our way home Wednesday at some point. I don't know if the Bee will be able to return to school immediately or if there will be a recuperation time at home. Everyone I've talked to at the hospital and doctors office seem to feel this is a very easy procedure and that she should be able to resume normal activities fairly quickly. I hope so because it's going to be hard to keep this whirlwind contained. If anyone has any first hand knowledge of the "afters" of the surgery I would really appreciate it if you would leave me some comments. Knowledge is power right?

Because we will be out and about our meal plan is really pretty vague this week. The week will be split up between dinner away from home on Monday -Wednesday at least. Thursday through Sunday will be planned and hopefully implemented barring anything unforeseen happening.

Monday: Dinner on the road

Tuesday: Surgery Day (the Bee will eat hospital food and I'll find something)

Wednesday: Dinner on the road hopefully

Thursday: Cranberry Crock Pot Chicken (will post recipe when meal is done)

Friday: Sausage, potatoes, and onions

Saturday: Impossible Cheeseburger Pie

Sunday: Chicken enchilada casserole

For more great recipes, go see Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. There are normally at least 300 linked sites that participate in this menu plan meme and most post recipes too.

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Katrina said...

I hope that all goes well for you and your little Bee! I will be praying for you and her. His hands are a great place to bee!