Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday Mingle, November 16, 2009

Okay, so as usual I'm late with my mingle. I had holy heck this week getting it to upload. YouTube must have it out for me. Once I finally got it uploaded I played with YouTube's annotation thing. It was fun but not near as fun as having say transitions and some cool effects. I'll be working on that between now and the mingle in 2 weeks.

This weeks questions were courtesy of Mat and Erin from Mrs. Cox's Slice o' Heaven.

1. Have you ever gone streaking or skinny dipping?

2. If could invite any 5 people to dinner who would it be?

3. Would you rather ... have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?

4. When you tap your fingers... do you tap index finger to pinky finger? Vice versa? Or can you do both equally well? (Note, she and her hubby both do it differently LOL - this should be interesting) Feel free to show us!

5. Would you rather ... stand 4'1 or 7'9"?

6. Yes- an extra question (submitted by Shannon) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

I'm going to be skipping next week's mingle because being a divorced unattached female I don't have anybody to do the man's part of the questions. And seriously, what fun would it be with just my answers? If you'd like to participate just give a glance at the questions below and go link up at Jennifers site, Eighty MPH Mom


We're mixing it up a bit this week - ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIPS:
Speedy Cop would love to see the husband/partner's answers too - either via vlog or through you!

1. Men: When your spouse asks you "how does this outfit make me look" - how do you respond?

Ladies: Do you really want him to answer honestly?

2. Both: What is one thing you should always do to keep your spouse/partner happy? What do you do/say to avoid friction in your relationship?

3. Both: What were the first thoughts about your spouse/partner that came to mind when you first met him/her?

4. Both: What is your favorite physical feature of your spouse/partner?

5. Both: What are the key ingredients to a successful marriage/relationship?

6. Are you ready for more Speedy Cop movie quotes?

Can't wait to see everyone's vlogs next week...until then, have a good week.


Kim, The Most Stressed Woman said...

LOL I would be proud of that 1/2 inch too! Maybe I should check my height again, maybe I can get an 1/8 of an inch added.

I LOVE Mississippi Mud Cake! Now I'm going to have a craving for it...

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hello again! It is fun to see you again. I'm sorry about next week! Please feel free to mingle about whatever you want - I don't mind. I just like seeing you!

I have good hearing too LOL. I probably don't need bionic hearing, but the xray vision is just creepy to me. ICK!

Thank you so much for mingling again!