Friday, August 6, 2010

Weird weather, weird things

Coincidence is a strange thing.  Earlier today I was reading a local article about how the meteorologist predicted how bad this season would be regarding hurricanes and tornados etc.  The bulk of the article was that so far they’ve been flabbergasted as to why we haven’t had more tropical storms and hurricanes/tornados because all the weather conditions are perfect for the formation of those type storms.

Flash forward about 2 hours and you are where I was 30 minutes ago … sitting in a darkened house, listening to the sounds of Kirby being played on a Nintendo DS.  We were without power due to a freak storm that was just “here” without any advance warning.  I was sitting on the couch and suddenly saw tree branches blowing strongly in a wind that came from out of nowhere.  Then I see rain hitting the window.  The temperature on my air conditioner dropped 10 degrees in less than 5 minutes and then we lost power.  I couldn’t check any of the weather sites because I had no power which meant I had no internet because of course the router is run on electricity.

This storm was brief but definitely made its presence known.  I had branches sliding across the roof of my house from where the wind, I’m assuming, tore them off of the trees.  My barbecue grill is laying about 30 feet from where it was and my trash poly-cart is nowhere to be seen.  While waiting patiently for the electricity to come back on I was finally able to find the answer to question #3 on the Monday Mingle question from last week

I can only go an hour with no internet before missing it starting to go crazy, LOL.

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