Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday, October 18-24, 2010

Monday - Macaroni & cheese w/smoked sausage

Tuesday - Chuck roast with veggies in crock pot

Wednesday - Leftovers (church night)

Thursday - Spaghetti w/meat sauce, garlic bread

Friday - Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Saturday - Shrimp scampi w/linguine

Sunday - Leftovers or FFYS

For more menus stop by 
and see Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop a quick comment that I love the background of your blog. The fence, the blue sky - it's where I'd love to be :)

Diana said...

Hey there! I am so glad you found my Texas Blogging Gals. You will be on the next updated list.

Enjoyed a first visit. Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon!